" I wish I had known you many years ago. I suffered with these varicose vein for years and now after your ablation, I finally found relief. "  RC, our Hayward patient. July 2016

"I followed Dr Evelyn Li for many years , now it is 22 years. She saved my life and I am still here." S.K.Y. our Hayward patient. June 2016 

" My doctor Dr Norman Cheung has amazing skills. He fixed my knees and now I can finally walk. He put in new knees in them." H.Y.C. our warm springs office patient. 

"I suffered with diabetes neuropathy and many doctors had seen me over the last 20 years and had given me many treatments, and the excruciating pain persisted and now with this new nerve treatment Dr Li gave me, I am now finally found myself free of pain and leg cramp. I came from China and I went all over China and still could not found these types of treatment so I have to come back here to USA after 3 months to see Dr Li. if I ever leave the country." P.K. patient of warm springs office.  March 2016 


" I love this clinic. Doctors speak my language and I even can have translation should I see any other doctors that does not speak Chinese." S. W. May 2016. 


" Dr Eddie Cheung is amazing. I cannot see myself seeing another stomach doctor. He is kind , have a sense of Humor. If i needed a scope, I can get it arranged within a week." L.L. Feb 2016. 


Language spoken here: 

Vietnamese, Pajabi , Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalo, Shang Hai-nese , Toi-shanese, 


“Everything we wanted and more.”

" I have never known I can be healed. I was told I was disabled and now I am no longer disabled. I am having a gainful employment because of Dr E Li. "  J.C.D. of Warm Springs office. 




"她救了我一命" S.K.Y. Hayward patient


"My legs are all better because of this clinic. I have never seen another clinic so professional and capable of taking care of me in a speedy manner." 

L.D.Y. Mowry office patient


“4 thumbs way up "


L. G. Warm Springs Patient

June 2016