Dr Evelyn Li , MD, FACC, FACP 

  1. Board certified internist. Fellow of American College of Physician and Fellow of American College of Cardiology. 
  2. Proficient in many procedures including : venous ablation, nerve treatment, ultrasound on hearts etc. 
  3. Graduate of UC Berkeley Bachelor of Arts and Graduate of UC Davis, School of Medicine. 
  4. Experience in 30 years of practicing medicine. 
  5. "lowest morbidity and mortality rate " compare the national average.



Dr Norman Cheung MD , FOP 

1, Board certified orthopedic surgery 

2, Chairman of General Surgery ( St Rose Hospital ) 

3, Graduate of Wisconsin Medical School 

4, Graduate of U of Southern California 

5, Outstanding orthepedic surgery award 



Dr Bhatt 

1, board certified neurologist 

2, state of the ART testing available for all areas of neurology problems

3, Clinical Professor of UC system.